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Your Safe and Brave Space

This poem came out from the field after reading a post from Hand Free Mama and before I knew it, I was frantically pressing the letters on my phone and forming the words as tears streamed down my face. I do hope the words move you as I have been deeply touched while writing this.

For my love ones

Let me be your safe space

A haven in the turbulence of your mind

An anchor to your weary soul

A lifeline to your broken heart.

Let me be a space that calms you

When the winds blow you from side to side

Let me be the space that grounds you

When life gives you too much,

too deep, too wide.

Let me be a listening partner

A space where you run to in times of need

Let me be the cove you hide to

And I’ll shelter and guard you,

fend off foes and come to your heed

Let me also be the space that nudges you

The one that tells you it’s time

Time to dip your toes

Wade in the water

Feel the breeze

Embrace the chaos

Let me be the brave space that tells you

What your heart longs to hear and more

That life is filled with wonder

And that the world is there for you to adore

Let me be the brave space that piques you

That stirs your thoughts and curiosities

The space that allows you to ask and ask some more

The home that let’s you explore

And know that as time goes by

We’ll always find our way home

That grounding space that fills us with peace

That bubbling space that excites us to fullness

That part of me and part of you intertwined forever

Whether you are near or far away

Our hearts will always be together

For we’ve made each other

a safe and brave space to stay

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