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For so many people, work is seen as part of the daily grind.

Something to get past to. Another 8 hours spent to bring the money on the table. Another 8 hours spent doing tasks that feel empty. Meaningless. Devoid of satisfaction.

Yet there are those of us who intentionally break free from those shackles and decide to do things differently.

We are walk outs in the field of work. People who realized that there is more than just the regular 8-5.

People who long for more in what they do, who they do it with, and who they do it for.

People who are breaking the mold because they realize that staying in their status quo is breaking them.

A quote from Arthur Burt was “Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.”

And these are the times where we get to choose to reinvent ourselves. The times we choose to be in uncomfortable and unknown territories because staying in the status quo is not only limiting, it is also hurtful.

These are the times you think of laying the groundwork for new possibilities.

What if one of these possibilities is to reframe the way we see work?

What if we pursue work from the lens of a calling rather than the daily grind?

What if we see work as us connecting to who we care for, and what we care about?

What if we hear work as sighs of satisfaction rather than moans of disgruntlement and burgeoning frustrations?

What if we feel work as that pull to effortless impact?

What if work is what we do because it serves not only others but it also serves us?

A calling that nourished our soul.

A calling that feeds our interests and creativity.

A calling that connects us with advocacies that matter deeply to our values.

A calling that generates meaning to our existence.

What would shift in ourselves if we see our work as a calling?

What would shift in society if we have people engaged in their calling?

I feel so grateful that I get to live my calling and support founders, leaders and impact driven organizations with Dream See Do and The Hum.

I feel so blessed I get to work with amazing humans like these two Dr. Carlos Saba and Laurence McCahill for our Vision 20/20 program, and serving more than 100 amazing leaders for more than 3 years now.

I feel fully nourished knowing the impact in the world that we do for Neurodiversity FoundationNeurodiversity Education Academy together with Tjerk Feitsma and Saskia Wenniger.

I found my calling and with it, I found my people.

Viaion 20/20 dream team

How about you?
How are you with your calling?

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