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Who I Serve

The founders/community leaders that I am serving are big visionaries, impact driven, & action oriented. They experienced firsthand a deep problem in the world that needs addressing & dedicate it as their life mission in finding a solution. They believe in the power of communities and know that what they need to offer to them is deep transformation. Their biggest belief is that change needs to happen in order to create a new status quo. Their vision of that new state keeps them awake at night trying to figure out transformative programs, activities & services that can alleviate the suffering that they are seeing in the world. 


These founders are not afraid of change. They are keen in bursting silos, creating shifts, and challenging systems.  These individuals carry strong convictions and are eager to work towards their vision. Sometimes, this eagerness can be their weakness as they find themselves overworked, overwhelmed, & out of sync with their own bodies. Their driven attitude have created difficulties in boundary setting, getting clarity and structure, and pursuing actions that are not moving their mission forward.  They realize that they have engaged in patterns, routines and decisions that are detrimental to their wellbeing as founders and as such detrimental to the organization as well. They begin to question how they can be of service to the world given that their own internal processes are in disarray. 

How to Work With Me

There are multiple ways to work with me.  Like sliders on how we can engage with each other, I treat working relationships the same. We both get to choose how we can move from 1 to 1 sessions to group strategy and design sessions. 

One of the main caveats in working with me is TRUSTING THE EMERGENCE. The scope of work and pathways that we create together serve as guidance on how best to work with each other. Yet I firmly believe in the importance of tuning in to what is emerging and giving that space.  I know it's not the conventional way of doing things. I also know that in the spaces where I have consciously invited the exploration of what is in the field, it had created such transformational experiences. 

Working together means it is a TRIPLE WIN experience. 

Working with me is a collaborative process. It needs to be a fit where we both can step into a partnership feeling fully nourished with the intention that who are serving will benefit from this space of fullness. 

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I hold up a mirror to your deepest longings and help you bring them to life through tangible plans for action. Using Compassionate Communication, I help you filter your ideas, align you to your vision and create executable

90 Day Action Plans.

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I help founders create impact and legacy through transformational movements and thriving communities. I develop strategies and coaching that enables them to more visibly engage, and connect with their tribe, unlocking powerful resources & potential.

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I lend my vast experience in curriculum and facilitation in service of mission-driven educational institutions, companies and non-profit organizations to turn their wealth of expertise into transformational programs that can positively impact society.

Some of the Organizations
I Worked With