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Keynote & Workshop/Facilitation

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With more than 20 years of practice and deepening, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to learning experience design, curriculum design, gifted and talented education. I also trained in different modalities to promote and facilitate safer and brave spaces.  

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Lana understands how to build spaces where people, communities, and the world can evolve. She integrates what I will call "inclusive inclusion" where inclusion isn't a topic but how an entire process unfolds using language from other cultures, holding space in a way that raises one's consciousness to inclusion without creating power-over dynamics. It takes a lot of skill to facilitate with nuance and skill and Lana has it in spades. I continue to learn a lot form Lana.

Traci Ruble, Sidewalk Talk Founder

Here are some topics that I find relevant to talk about or facilitate sessions on.


Healing-Centered Ecosystems

Healing is the pathway for social transformation. For us to design regenerative societies, we need to put restoration at the heart of families, schools, businesses, organizations and communities. The 4Cs needed: Care, Connection, Collaboration & Community


Designing for Change

Transformational change requires individuals to behave differently. Our role as leaders, founders and managers is to deal with the complexities of navigating change. We need to develop the capacity of individuals involved in the change process. And we need to understand why they might resist change. 


"Kapwa, Pakikiramdam" 
and Filipino Psychology 

Kapwa is a recognition of shared identity. It means the unity of the ‘self’ and the ‘others (an inner self shared with others). Pakikiramdam is "listening with the third ear". These are pivotal core values in Filipino Psychology. 


Decolonisation & Healing Histories

Decentering dominant narratives can heal histories. We need to challenge incomplete depictions, conceptualizations, and stories that often represent a single perspective.


Community Weaving & Systems Change

To quote Margaret J. Wheatley: “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”. By mobilizing the collective energy of communities, we can bring about profound societal  & systemic transformation.




It has been reported that up to 17 percent of the population have been diagnosed with a neurodivergent condition. How are we designing workplaces, schools and organizations that promote neuroinclusion? How can we move from disorder to embracing divergence to create spaces where all neurotypes thrive?


Salutogenic Practice and Post Traumatic Growth

A 'salutogenic' approach is one that focuses on factors that support health, growth, and wellbeing. It goes beyond a more traditional, 'pathogenic' focus on risk and problems and amplifies "What's STRONG With You".


Self-fullness & Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

NVC or Compassionate Communication is a form of interpersonal communication inspired by compassion and solidarity. It centers on "What's ALIVE in us?" and how do we make life more wonderful?

ICF Greece Chapter invited Lana to share her experience and expertise by giving us an introduction to Neurodiversity and the importance of shifting perspectives from disorder to divergence. The presentation was eye-opening and powerful. She shared her knowledge and experience and offered us the space we needed to see the bigger picture, understand neurodiversity and link it to our work as coaches. It was an honour to have Lana with us.

Vassia Varsaki, International Coaching Federation, Greece Chapter

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