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From the mundane to majestic

everything builds

Each memory

Each sliver of hope deeply embedded in our DNA

Not only from our generation

But also from generations of distant past

We carry in us the vastness of the universe

Built from the same materials as the stars

We are living, breathing, walking molecules

Of hope

Of strength

Of resilience

Of growth

From the mundane to the majestic

We are made for these times

Our strides may seem unsettled



While the world around us burns

Pleads for us to take heed

To care

We are ready

We have it in us to heal histories

To use the magic that we are made of

To tear down walls

To build bridges

To set foundations of love

From the mundane to the majestic

We are all one

Connected deeply to the roots of the earth

Grounded in ancestry

In wisdom

That has always been there

Inherent within us are all there is

to know

To be

To do

We have it in us

To set the course for unchartered realms

To travel space

To open portals of understanding

From the mundane to majestic

Everything is welcome

For such is the miracle of life

What we choose in the moment

Does not remain only in the moment

How we act now creates ripples

It can heal the past

It can set the future

Our words are etched

not only to the moment

It is crystallized in history

To the people we engage with

What we choose to do

And who we choose to be

Create ripples

Far and wide

Deep and strong

From the mundane to the majestic

From the mundane to majestic


Provocations after reading this:
💭 what thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, stories come up for you?
🧩 which part of the poem spoke to you the most?
👀 what are you noticing in your mundane to majestic?
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