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refugia - ‘place of refuge’

When I think of places of refuge, I immediately think of my close relationships. The communities I am part of are my places of refuge. As a Filipina in diaspora, I had to learn how to find "my people", cultivate and nourish relationships and also how to be a space of refuge for others. What started as an inner exploration became a core practice.


I started this project with the hopes of offering more spaces where people can connect, learn and witness each other. Refugia for me means places of belonging, healing and liberation.


I am keen on bringing more healing-centered practices back to our daily lives - both the personal and professional. I am extremely grateful to also have amazing healers, coaches and facilitators who share this dream with me. 


Community Alchemist &

Healing-centered Facilitator


Lana Jelenjev works in the intersection between learning and community. As a community alchemist, she supports organizations in designing purpose-driven, healing-centered and transformational communities. Her work as senior learning design strategist is in service of companies, organizations that are aware, appreciative and advocate of systems thinking, designing for change,  and intentionally crafting learning experiences that are steeped in deepening practice and integration.


She is the author of Community Builder: Designing Communities for Change and The 90 Day Action Planner.

Intuitive Advisor, Coach &

Positive Psychology Practitioner

Anya is a compassion-focused positive psychology educator and consultant, and Head of Positive Psychology at The Museum of Happiness. Her Pearse Polyvagal Habitats Model combines her interest in trauma with “the science of what makes life worth living”.


She’s completing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, focusing on how self-compassion can help change-makers and practitioners discover the link between their own self-care and more sustainable care for others.

Nynke Vos_edited.jpg

Ritual Designer and Facilitator &

Youth Worker

Nynke Vos is an expert in group dynamics, works with a systemic perspective and is trained as a rite of passage facilitator.  She believes that change and transformation is a joint process, which can best take place in connection with each other.

She is the co-founder of community rituals; an initiative that specializes in making rituals to support communities. She has a special interest in rituals for grief, mourning and death.

Media Scholar, Strengths-Based Coach & Learning Designer

Saskia adores learning, interacting in communities of practice and collaborating with people who have similar interests and values. As a strengths based life coach specializing in ADHD and other neurodivergencies, she is keen to co-creating a more neuroinclusive future that can lift up the next generations into solving the problems of the future together.


Saskia is the co-founder of Neurodiversity Education Academy, an educational and training platform with a mission to bridge the gap for all neurotypes to thrive. 

Saskia Wenniger_edited.png

Systemic Constellations, Art of Hosting & Harvesting Practitioner, Participatory Artist, Poet and Parent

Jamie is a parent, steward, mentor, facilitator, catalyst, poet, writer, Art of Hosting, and Systemic Constellations practitioner. This variety of work, learning, life and love practice supports the accompaniment of fellow travellers in slowing down to listen. to their own bodies, to the stories of their ancestors living within them and to the impulse of life communicating what is important in this moment of the unfolding story.

Program Managing Consultant, Career Development Mentor, Experience Designer

Raiana is a black woman born and raised in Brazil. As a curious being, she explores and studies topics that are on the edge of present relevance/future Creation. This led her to become a scientist and Lecturer. She holds a PhD in Ecology and became a specialist in complex relations in nature and traditional knowledge about natural resources. But, she was also moved by the question: "how can I leave the world better than I’ve found?!". So she started working in the social innovation field in 2016 as projects designer and facilitator of the learning process. She also has been supporting individuals in their journey to build meaningful careers since 2019. Nowadays, she has been providing consultancy services to organizations around experience design, program management, leadership and learning development process.

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