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Cultivate Your Purpose: Create Moments That Matter

One of the highlighted strategies in the book The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, is the use of CONNECTION to elicit memorable moments. The basic premise of the book is that we can cultivate defining moments of elevation, insight, pride and connection through flagship moments like peaks, pits and transitions.

As a connector I got truly immersed in the studies and ideas presented in the book. It offered helpful tips on how to be a ‘moment spotter’, and presented ways to think and design moments.

How do you cultivate moments that knit people together?

One of the ways suggested by Chip and Dan is to connect people to a larger sense of meaning. According to Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Yale University’s School of Management, people who see their work as a calling, are more satisfied professionally and with life in general. People with callings see their work as a positive end, in and of itself. They place value in what they are doing, are happy, fulfilled and engaged. Her work emphasized the importance of job crafting. This is the ability to transform work that is over and beyond expectations, and finding a sense of purpose is a crucial element to this.

Dr. Amy believes that purpose isn’t discovered, it’s cultivated. It is our task to connect to the meaning of what we do so we can move forward to alter and expand the boundaries of what we do in ways that can make a difference.

How do we connect to meaning?

1. The first step is to be clear with WHO are you doing this for?

To reframe and connect to meaning is to make a mental connection to the grander purpose and its social benefit.

  • Who are you serving?

  • Who are the beneficiaries of your work?

  • What is the worth your work brings to these people?

Thinking of the good our work can do to others, beyond the daily to-do list, helps change how we relate to our work.

2. Be clear with your WHY.

  • Why is it that you do the things you do?

  • Why does it matter?

Use the 3P areas in exploring your life purpose. You can go over the things you have PERSEVERED in life, those that you have PASSIONS for and those in which you have shown POTENTIAL, to really dig deeper to your why.

A meaningful life purpose is the backbone upon which every enterprise is built. This is the thread that stirs people into action, to do meaningful work and promote innovation.

3. The third step is to be in aligned Action with your HOW.

This is where the strategies from The Power of Moments can come in. By crafting moments that are above and beyond expectations we can connect with others.

When we understand our purpose, it can allow for innovation and improvisation. It can help us think of ways to make our purpose visible to those we are serving and emphasize how to create moments of shared meaning.

Think of ways to intentionally enhance not only your own experiences, but also the experiences of those around you.

  • How are you contributing to these people?

  • How are you crafting rituals, routines or practices to promote shared meaning?

  • How are you being intentional in the connections that you are forming and sustaining with those you want to serve?

  • How can you go above and beyond their expectations?

Not all moments are made equal. But we have it in us to craft connecting moments of shared meaning.

How are you making moments that matter?
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