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Reframing FEEDBACK

Reframing Feedback Quote by Lana Jelenjev

How does your body feel when you hear the word “feedback?”

Why is it that when we hear feedback, we already feel our bodies reacting? cringing? Or worse, shrinking?

It’s because feedback has a negative association in our system.

Most if not all of our experiences with feedback are negative. It focuses mainly on “what’s wrong with you?” rather than “what’s strong with you?”.

Our society is steeped in feedback mechanisms geared towards deficits and problems, rather than as a process to amplify strengths and wholeness.

McCaskey Deficits and Strengths Based Cycle
McCaskey Deficits and Strengths Based Cycle

Let’s make feedback salutogenic and regenerative!

When we approach feedback from a salutogenic lens, we get into the feedback loop coming in from a place of strengths rather than problems. Which in turn emphasizes on different skills and assets. Hence the conversations are about possibilities, growth, and integration.

When we also view feedback from a regenerative lens, we look at how might we restore vitality, connection and care in the relationship.

We also look at what needs tending, what needs restoring, what connects us to our essence, and what needs to be healed.

Reframing FEEDBACK
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