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A starter guide in Bringing Wisdom Councils into the Heart of Change.


"In an increasingly dynamic, interdependent, and unpredictable world, it is simply no longer possible for anyone to figure it all out at the top."  -Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline


This starter guide is a synthesis of different approaches when it comes to starting, facilitating, and hosting Wisdom Councils. My wish in putting this together is to enable schools, communities, and organizations to start dreaming about how to bring the voices from the edges into spaces where normally they wouldn’t be part of. There is so much wisdom lost when only dominant perspectives and homogenous narratives are heard in board rooms, school grounds, government councils, or neighborhood assemblies.


What we need is to radically shift who gets to share their ideas, concerns, questions, and lived experiences. When voices from the edges are heard, we tap into the inherent genius of the people. We also broaden our perspectives and innovate in inclusive, diverse, equitable, and just ways. When we create Wisdom Councils, we create organizations, institutions, communities, schools, and companies that are keen on listening, witnessing, and acting on what the greater good cares and advocates for. We build healing-centered ecosystems focused on tending to possibilities, intentionally navigating conflict and change, and committed to “walking their talk” when it comes to the causes they support


Who is this for?


My hope is that this guide falls into the hands of leaders, consultants, project managers, community weavers, founders, social workers, teachers, funders, board members, executive directors, and politicians who are determined to redistribute power, re-imagine what is made possible when people are invited in to share their expertise and give ample spaces for voices from the edges to be heard.


Quick Run-through

The first part consists of the different types of Wisdom Council (Ancient Wisdom Council and Wisdom Council Process). The second part is some essentials when it comes to setting up your own Wisdom Council.


Pages: 39 pages including cover pages


* I offer some tools for free and some for a small fee. This supports me in keeping my operational costs and allows me to sustain the upkeep of this platform. If finances are getting in the way of you using these guides for your (community) work, please do connect with me. I wouldn't want finances to be a barrier for you to do your sacred work and serve others. 

When Voices From The Edges Are Heard

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