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"Moving away from our deficits encourages us to celebrate ourselves more - all the parts of us, even those that may be challenging. Noticing how we are engaging and leading with our strengths, recognizing our patterns, and making visible how we show up with our strengths amplify what we already have and encourage us to deepen our relationship with ourselves."


What's STRONG With You?

Our lives are steeped with looking for what is wrong or what is missing rather than acknowledging, celebrating, and honoring what is going well and what is already present. This continual focus on problems reinforces a deficit-based perspective that also put our attention on solving problems.


Yet when we use a strengths-based lens we shift our focus on the inherent assets, qualities, untapped resources, and capacities in every individual, family, school, organization, or community.

"How might we shift our lens and focus on strengths rather than deficits?



20+ tools, reflection and activity worksheets, and resource cards that you can use to:

  • Notice how you use your strengths

  • Recognize patterns in leading and engaging with your strengths

  • Make your strengths visible in your day-to-day life


What's STRONG With You?

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