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CARE is one of the commitments in my healing-centered ecosystems framework. 


Care is our capacity to express the values of compassion, dignity, and respect to ourselves and to others (both human and more-than-human). It is the foundation of love, attachment, and belonging. Care is a deep concern and tending of the self, us, the others, and the bigger field. It can strengthen relationships, promote systemic sustainability, and lobby for just practices and policies. 


Studies have shown that caring for others is beneficial to our well-being. It can lead to “reduced stress, increased happiness, and an increased sense of social connectedness”. 


Care is also the bedrock for activism and altruism. It is the fundamental value that underlies our purpose, values, and our mission. Care is an essential component of societal values, moral leadership, and citizen responsibilities. 


This slide deck contains exercises that you can use as a team or with collaborators to explore and share a common narrative and understanding in speaking about WHO WE CARE FOR, WHAT WE CARE ABOUT AND WHAT IS MADE POSSIBLE WHEN WE CARE.


Contains: PDF with 43 slides

Slide Deck: Deepening our Shared Understanding of CARE

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