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I started the Circles of Connection Framework when, at a point in my life, I had to re-evaluate the relationships I have and the time and energy I place in nurturing them. When I look back, prior to my breast cancer diagnosis, I had people I knew and connect with on a regular basis. Yet the depth of such connections were not there. At one point while going through chemotherapy I had to be rushed to the emergency room at the middle of the night, and this event changed the way I looked at friendships/relationships.


I realized that moving forward I needed to surround myself with people that I can fully be me. People who would be ok to hear my no and understand the need behind them. People who I can freely share how things are going on inside of me. People who can also be as vulnerable, open and present with me as I am with them. These are people in your relationship circle in the Circles of Connection framework.


Use this reflection tool to map the people in your relationship circle. Using this tool has been transformational for me and my relationships and it is my wish for you to gain insights as well that can serve you and your relationship circles. 

REFLECTION TOOL: Mapping Our Relationship Circles

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