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"As we are complex individuals, designing for engagement needs to attend to these complexities. There is no one right way to engage in a community. We need to offer differentiated opportunities to meet people where they are at."

-Lana Jelenjev


The ENGAGEMENT SLIDER MODEL is a tool to take into consideration the multi-dimensional factors that influence engagement. Engagement is a relational process and asking members to be highly engaged has a pitfall. It carries with it an expectation that there is one right way where members are expected to participate, a specific tempo or energy that people need to bring in to the community or organization.


Engagement means empowering people to connect, contribute, activate, support and respond in ways that are regenerative. This means it take into account the Health, Energy, Attention, Resources and Time (H.E.A.R.T.) that is possible for an individual in any given moment.


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* I offer the facilitator's guides on different levels - some guides are free and others are offered for a small amount to sustain the upkeep of this platform. If in anyway, finances are getting in the way of you using these guides for your (community) work, please do connect with me. 


Like my other tools, this model is a work in progress. Feel free to reach out to share your experiences in working with the model or how the different framings resonated with you and your lived experiences.

FACILITATOR'S GUIDE: Engagement Slider Model

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