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Savoring is the “respectful engagement” of life, in life, with life.


Given that it’s almost year end, one of the savoring practices that I do is reflecting on the year and what it brought me and my love ones. Reflecting on this year’s happenings allow for me to reminisce and savor the memorable experiences of the year. It helps me to harvest and to decompose - harvest learnings, decompose and let go of what is not serving.


For those who are inclined to reflect on your year-end, here are some questions you can take the time to ponder on. My invitation is to let each question engulf you and keep you in that state of blissful knowing and enjoyment.


Savor the memories it might stir in you. Keep attuned to the moment. It might be that what surfaces for you are the painful experiences. Honor and acknowledge the grief, sorrow, anger, pain, frustrations, disappointments and all the gamut of emotions that may seem unbearable to hold. As painful memories arise, connect with that deeper layer of why it elicits pain. They point you to the direction of your yearnings, to what or who you value. All of these emotions are part of what engaging in life is all about.

60 End of Year Reflection Prompts

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