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Wayfinding in the edges

When I am asked what my current exploration is, I am quick to say it’s about healing- healing the self, healing relationships, healing workspaces, healing communities.

The term doesn’t always land well on people and for some they see it as something not applicable in organizational settings. They even think, healing is not what companies or institutions need. Yet for me I firmly believe that if we are to usher in new systems and new ways of doing like how we are all clamoring for, it is important that we set the time, energy and space to devote to healing. The repair is much needed for all the wounds and trauma carried over from the past and the present.

Healing might not be the word that resonates with you, yet conflict management, DEI, social justice, Neurodiversity -areas that are focused on these days - all of these need restoration at its core.

It is through healing that we can usher in new systems, where we can find each other in the edges.


We are in this space

Where the old doesn’t fit

Yet the new is yet to emerge

Is still to be reimagined,



We are in this time

Where the old’s dominion is slowly fading

And the grasp of old systems

Tightly holding on to power

Stabilized to their roles,

to their mandates,

to their clauses

Are ushered by walk outs

Wayfinding in the edges

Changemakers who believe in possibilities

In a future not only for the select few

Where the voices of those silenced, marginalized, oppressed

Are brought in with care

Listened to with compassion

Invited to the table

In these trenches, we see

the hope of humanity unfolding

Generations clamoring for change

From the young to the old

From the south to the north

And to the far corners in between

People finding themselves

As hospices of the dying systems

Caring for the embers with grace

Bridge builders, extending their hands

To those deeply entrenched in their power

One step at a time

And there are those of us in the trenches

Tasked with morally imagining the unknown

Radically trusting of a future

Ripe with community

With compassion

With belonging

With wellbeing

The inifinite hope moving us forward

To new systems, new ways of being

From a space of regeneration

From a space of restoration

For the way for us to find ourselves

in these trenches,

is to start the process of healing

And our wayfinding is through our hearts

Mending the past, and the present

Answering the call for the future

And leading us gently back to each other

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