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The Power of Check-ins

If you haven’t done it yet- September is a great period to check in with your community members.

Check-ins are powerful moments to take a pulse on “what is alive” with your members. It’s a way to listen to perspectives, to deeply connect with people and to make them feel they belong.

When community members feel disconnected, it makes it challenging for us to:

  • know where to focus our attention

  • engage members with the activities

  • deliver on the intended impact and

  • understand points of tension

Check-ins are valuable moments of connection among community members and leaders. It helps make visible the “heartbeat” of the community- what are the people in the community feeling? What are their longings? What are their challenges? What is their “internal weather like”?

So, if you are encouraged to do a check in with your community, here are some questions/prompts you can ask:

  • What/who are you celebrating?

  • What/who are you grateful for?

  • Who are you looking forward to connecting with?

  • What got you excited for this day? This period? This month?

  • What support would you need for today? This period? This month?

  • How would you like to feel at the end of this day, month, quarter?

  • Share an unforgettable memory of the past months.

  • In what life area are you focusing on for this month/quarter?

  • What’s one thing that you have in your “non-negotiable” list?

  • What is your 1% for today? (An area that you would like to work on/focus on and the 1% action that can move you forward)

  • What is your one word intention for today?

  • What question will you be working on, reflecting on for today?

"Check-ins are tools that can deepen our circles of connection. It can foster stronger bonds and help us understand areas in the relationship that needs tending to. It can also make us aware of what we need to celebrate, what needs amplifying and what needs deconstructing." - Lana

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Frances Khalastchi
Frances Khalastchi
Sep 09, 2021

Love this - a really helpful list of prompts. Thank you, Lana.

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