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An INTENTION is a guiding principle on how you want to live, show up, make yourself be visible. It’s an aim, a purpose or an attitude that you commit to. They are representations of your core values, perspectives in life and aspirations.

How is an intention different from a goal?

An intention doesn’t focus on one single outcome. Goals are valuable in completing tasks and are focused in the future. Intentions on the other hand, are firmly grounded in the present moment and independent of expected outcomes. Goals are made for specific outcome whereas intentions are made to focus on how you want to be moment by moment.


Why intention setting + goal setting works?

There is a downside to doing only goal setting. It keeps us away from the moment and it amplifies on what we don’t have. Ever had those situations where you felt frustrated with not being able to finish off your set goals? Goal setting can demotivate us in making our brilliant ideas come alive. Intention setting balances that off by helping us ground ourselves to what matters to us. Setting intentions remind us of who we want to be, who we want to impact and the change we want to see.

Partnering intentions with goals can help you make you go from ideas to impactful actions.


Goal setting alone: My goal is to finish this article and publish it in my website.

Intention setting: My intention is to contribute to other entrepreneurs and to encourage them to make their impactful ideas happen.

One of the strategies I can do to contribute to other entrepreneurs is to share this practice of intention setting!

When I connected with my intention, it keeps me aligned and motivated to the direction of my goal. It’s a powerful way to get traction. So the next time you are tempted to write goals, do a pulse check on your intentions first!

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TRY IT OUT: Want to deeply tune in to your 1-word intention for this year?

DOWNLOAD The Power of Intentions Workbook. This 6-page workbook can guide you in tuning in to yourself and connecting with a one-word intention that can guide you in your daily life.

SHARE YOUR ONE WORD IN THE COMMUNITY. Want to share what one-word came up for you and other insights? Join me in this online space

LISTEN to an episode I published on Using Implementation Intentions in Goal Setting

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