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I am the dream

I am the dream of the matriarchs before me Women who toiled labored and hoped Women who brought us life cradled us in their arms sung us lullabies From their lips we heard the call to freedom to strive for what life can bring From their hips we moved In rhythms In cycles In spirit Clamoring for the possibilities which generations before Have always dreamed of A better life for the ones to come

I am the dream of the matriarchs before me Those who resisted Those who took their ground Those who lived for me to stand In this place, in this moment, in this time For all the sweat, tears, and pains Through all the joys, celebrations and strengths Both I carry in me I am not only their losses, I am also their gains I am not only their faded dreams, I am also their hopes I am not only their sufferings, I am also the breath of life that carried on Amidst adversities Amidst systems placed to marginalize Amidst years of oppression Amidst the pressure to succumb

I am the dream of the matriarchs before me Paving the way for the generations to come



  • What came up for you after reading this?

  • How does it feel to be "the dream" of your ancestors?

  • What memories of your ancestors surfaced after reading this?

  • What hopes for the future did you recall hearing from your parents, grandparents, relatives?

  • What hope for the future are you carrying forward from the previous generation to the next?

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