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Capture the moments of laughter. The silliness in everyday life.

Capture the moments of pride. The heart thumping “look what I did for the first time (or the second or the third)”.

Capture the moments of togetherness. Never forgetting to put each one in the frame.

Capture the moments of your everyday lives. The mundane becomes oh so sweet and special when we don’t have them anymore so let’s cherish it now.

Capture the moments of seriousness. The times where you see burrowed heads and crunched eyebrows. These are the times that show “wait I have something brilliant brewing in my head”

Capture the moments of serendipity. The periods in our lives were everything seem to fall into place and serendipity just graced by.

Capture the moments of grief. We may not want to be reminded of them but they also are a part of our timeline, a part of our lives.

Capture the moments of frustration. Those times where patience is tested and perseverance is on the limelight.

Capture the moments of despair. These are periods in our lives that when we look back we will say “ it turned out wonderful afterall”.

Capture moment after moment after moment be it on the upside or not.

Be it on the edge or over the top. Be it life changing or trivial.

Be it a celebration or the daily grind.

Capture the moments now because that is all we’ve got.

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