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Satir Change Model: 7A's of Intentional Change

I came across the Satir change model more than 3 years ago and to this date I am glad that I did.

In a conversation last night with Michelle Holliday for her Thrivability program, we went through the Satir change model in identifying where her programs can best be of service to the organizations she is working with. It’s fascinating how the model is so relatable and easy to grasp.

What I like is the addition of the 7A’s for intentional change that was presented by Jean McLendon. (Still trying to find out more about this!) Here are my thoughts on the 7As:

Awareness- becoming aware of the desire for change begins the cycle (This is real.)

Acceptance- before we can make meaningful change we have to accept ourselves for who we are, appreciate our successes and acknowledge that our copings arose as survival strategies (This is me.)

Authorship - owning of our behaviors and choices. We author our life script and therefore begin our change process right now. (I can do something about this.)

Articulation - with this step we make our intent to adopt new behaviors known to others. Sometimes, we ask for help. (I’m going public for accountability and support.)

Application - We identify opportunities, consider new choices, and try out new ways of dealing with situations to practice new behaviors. (These are my I can change my world.)

Activism- Once we’ve integrated new behaviors we begin to be able to recognize the desire for change in others and to offer support and guidance. (This is how I can participate in changing the world.)

Altruism - Building a solid and sustainable core foundation of care and congruence in our own life allows us to give from love by dipping into our unique and overflowing spiritual well. (I have an abundance...I want to give.)

❓Looking at the Satir change model, where are the people, organizations, teams that you are serving?

❓What strengths do they bring in this phase and what would serve them?
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