This line from Greg McKeown's newsletter got me stumped and thinking deeply.

Lately, I have been exploring how the tendency to "be over worked, and be over productive", that came from my Filipino upbringing, is a trauma response. I recall the many instances that I berated myself for not being productive, or not working hard enough because my culture demanded from us the value of perseverance and working hard. Times when I knew rest and restoration was crucial, yet pausing or pivoting were not offered or considered as options. It was only about moving forward and facing life with intensity and fervour.

The period in my life that I had to re-evaluate this mindset was when I got ill with breast cancer. It was in a moment when I couldn't barely do anything that I realised how my perceptions and beliefs around productivity were skewed to this mentality to the point of causing harm to myself and my wellbeing. It was in this moment in my life that I had to re-examine my ideas around success and what it means to be truly successful. Metrics that were not based from my family, from friends, from my culture,