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REFLECTION TOOL: Leaning into our Full Yes

This simple exercise can help you identify what a “full yes” means for you by tuning in with your body and intuition. It also helps to crystallize the values that you hold dearly and the longings you have around the activities, hubs and people that you engage with on a daily basis.

Part 1: Mapping

1. Print the Mapping and Reflection worksheets

2. Think of all the activities, projects, initiatives that you did and have taken part of for this year.

3. Write down each project, activities or work in the paper weighing in whether that specific project is leaning towards the full yes (top most corner) or to a full no (lower part of the page. Write these projects according to how they have served a purpose or meaning for you and use the piece of paper as your scale.

4. For this exercise, it’s suggested that you tune in to what your intuition is telling you on where each project “resides” in the paper.

5. Do the same for organizations, clubs, networks that you are part of.

6. Diving in deeper, do the same for people you connected with on a regular basis. Where do they sit in this space? Again, trust what your body and heart is telling you. It might be that there are aspirational spaces where you would like other people to be in, but for now park those thoughts and tune in to the present context of the relationship. Where do you think these people belong in your space?

7. When you are done, look at your piece of paper. Take in what thoughts, questions , feelings are stirred in you. Write them down in the reflection page..

Part 2: Tuning In Deeper

8. This second part of the exercise involves tuning in deeper as to why you made such a map. Take a different colored marker, and for each item you wrote (work,organizations, people) write down next to it your answer to this question: why is this item important for you?

9. Take your time in making visible what each one brings in your life.

10. Look at your paper once more, what are your thoughts on what is right in front of you? Write these impressions down in the reflection pages.

Part 3: Re-imagining

11. Now let’s put to the surface the aspirational spaces. Using a different colored marker, write arrows indicating which spaces you would have preferred to put these projects, initiatives, organizations, networks and people.

12. Tune in with your body as to why you would like these places be switched. What gets triggered in you?

13. When you are done, look at your piece of paper. Take in what thoughts, questions , feelings are stirred in you in this imaginative space. Write them down in your reflection page.

Part 4: Harvesting

14. Look at your paper and write down, what are the most salient reasons why you have a full yes (or full no) on the different work, organizations or people that you wrote? What came up as important for you? What value/s can you connect with each item?

15. Write down the top 5 values that you notice on your paper. What are your thoughts on these 5 values? How much of these values form your decisions in your daily activities?

16. Think of other periods in your life where these 5 core values played a crucial role in decisions or life changes. How do you feel after aligning yourself with your core values? Write down your thoughts in your journal.

17. Think about the re-imagine exercise, what longings came up for you with regards to these activities, hubs and people that you engage with? Write down your thoughts in your journal.

Please feel free to share your experience in using this tool!

You can download the free worksheet here

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04 de fev. de 2022

Thank you Lana,so powerful

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