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I facilitated a very soulful circle last night talking about Intergenerational Power and Authenticity for The Happy Startup School and it inspired me to write this poem. Sharing it here for those who I think would mostly resonate:

Our lives are entwined

With the shadows of the past

The hope of the future

The emergence of the now

Our beings are connected

To the granules of the earth

To each root and each vein

To the cosmos and the stars

Our hearts sync

In beating with our nerves

In each breathe

In each stride

In each stare

And the connection

goes on

Amidst time

and space

For that which we inherited

Through our lineage

Through our elders

Reside in what we take

In what we keep

In what we stay alive

And the connection goes on

beyond our bodies

beyond mortality

To our partners

To our kids

To our friends

To those whose lives we serve

Forward to generations ahead of us

As every thought

And every choice

And every parts of our being

That we share

Are parts of the vastness

That resides in each one of us

Leaving imprints

Leaving memories

Leaving legacies

Of the lives we lived

Of the causes that stirred us into action

Of the people that filled our hearts

Of the lives we touched with our presence

Photo credits: Marc Sendra Martorell

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