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Merging my love for deep learning, 
aligned actions
and  community design to promote systemic and regenerative change.

profile photo Lana Jelenjev

How about you, how are you  impacting the world with your presence?

My Wake Up Call

In May of 2014, at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The same illness that my mother succumbed to at the young age of 49. Going through treatments made me re-evaluate my life: how I embrace self-fullness, the connections I want to nurture, the legacy I want to live & the impact I want to stir in society.

What started as an inner exploration, turned to a powerful expression of my LIFE PURPOSE. 

Community Design     Speaker   
 Learning Experience Designer 

   Author        Change  Facilitator

  Educator          Action Planner   

System Transformation Catalyst

Lana speaking

I guide founders, changemakers,
and impact driven organizations to action big picture visions, catalyze the potential within their communities and design learning experiences with transformational and lasting impact.

Recent Articles 

Writing has always been, for me, a therapeutic and catalytic process. It allows me to share ideas, aspirations and inquiries that I have in my day to day life. It also helps me to reconnect deeply to myself. Here are some musings I have, feel free to tune in. 

Events & Activities

No upcoming events at the moment

Podcasts & Interviews

People often tell me that I have a story to tell. What I believe is that in each one of us are amazing stories of resilience, grit, and self-fullness. I am fortunate to be in spaces where I get to share my story and my lived experiences. Here are some of my podcasts and interviews. 

Work With Me 

What's the best way to explore working with me?

Book a connection call. This way we get to know each other and how we can mutually benefit from a possible collaboration or work opportunity. 

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