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Wed, 17 Jul


Zoom Session


A listening circle with elder Maria Josephina Johanna Schilt and practice and integration with Tecca Thompson and Lana Jelenjev

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Time & Location

17 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 20:30

Zoom Session

About the Event


July marks the next half of the year. Let us take the time to restore and recalibrate ourselves!

For this refugia session we will have elder Maria Josephina Johanna Schilt to join us for the first part. In this listening circle Maria will share her wisdom on the importance of restoration. The session will be followed by an embodied practice by Tecca Thompson, a trauma-informed space holder specializing in creating safe and transformative spaces. Using storytelling, breathwork, and somatic practices, Tecca skillfully guides individuals and communities on their healing journeys, fostering resilience and connection. 

The last part of the session is an Integration practice that will be facilitated by me. About our elder Maria:

Born in a cold winter night in 1950 as the 9th child of ten siblings, I grew up in a little village in the North of the Netherlands. The village was hugging close behind the dike and the dunes and was a former island. The highest lighthouse of the Netherlands swirled her light across the little community and the endless restless sea with her existence as a massive force we had reckon with... People still say: I live on Huisduinen, not in Huisduinen.

My parents were kind of immigrants there, my family moved from Delft to this ‘end of the world’ place because my father could get a good position in the nearby Marine Wharf of Den Helder( meaning the doors of hell) as the head nurse of a team of occupational health workers: a medical doctor and a team of (male) nurses and assistants. My mother took care of the enormous household, in a house where the elements of wind and water and frost played freely through walls and roofs not properly maintained, provided us with three meals a day on a very meagre budget. We all helped her, my brothers gathered wood from the beach, coal for the stove and they peeled buckets full of potatoes every day. We girls helped in cleaning the rooms, making the beds, lending a hand in the kitchen and of course washing the dishes.....

On Saturday my father worked the garden, mended our shoes and bicycles and repaired what he could. In the evening my mother sowed and knitted. Even now as I look at the pictures of us, I am amazed that everything we wore she crafted herself except for our shoes and the trousers of the boys. Next to all these chores there was time for reading, we all played a musical instrument and Sunday was for church and walks along the shore, in summertime to the beach and in winter to the ‘Dark Dunes’ .

Growing up as one of the youngest of this group of giants and magicians formed me, influenced me deeply in my choices and gave me an enormous treasure trove of talents and endurance . My parents lived through 2 world wars , the crisis of the thirties and the deep shadow of a colonial war and the loss of a child even before I was born....

Sixteen years old I started in clinical mental health care as an aspirant nurse and for 34 years had my carrière as a nurse, sociology-therapist, co-therapist, manager and organizational and policy advisor.  My career choice was largely inspired by the fact that my parents had both started as psychiatric nurses and met in 'the asylum' in 1928.

With 16, I naively and optimistically entered this strange world, which for me though seemed very familiar. . In retrospect, I see it as an important and shocking initiation into the universe of suffering. This suffering was openly exposed, raw and defenseless in contrast to the silent sadness in my family, the losses they grieved and the connection of which I only later saw - partly because of my own history - with psychiatry. At the end of this career, in 2002, I graduated in business administration from Erasmus University with a thesis on 500 years of psychiatry and in the Netherlands. This thesis gave me the courage to break away from a system I could not change, during which I learned to dance the Argentine Tango and went on a pilgrimage (on foot) to Santiago de Compostela.

In the meanwhile I encountered the work of Bert Hellinger of Family and System constellations around the year 2000, and studied this method with my teachers and the Hellinger institute in the Netherlands, Germany and Buenos Aires. I had the chance to participate in in workshops from Hellinger himself and organized summer schools and supervision groups for my Dutch teachers who brought each of them a more shamanic and energetic angle to the work. And they gave me the license and stimulated me to start my own practice in Family and System constellations and trauma-release work.

Since that time I facilitate Family and System constellations workshops in Amsterdam and Systemic EMDR trauma-release therapy the last five years I have students and trainees in this methods. Parallel to this work I studied and practiced Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra and was Director of Amsterdam Yoga Centre, and educated together with the founder (my Husband) the yoga- teachers of the 21st Century in Yoga Mindfulness and the deeper traditions of the East including Secular Buddhism. We closed our studio in 2017 and moved to Zeeland, where I continue my practice.

As I am way past my seventies now, my work is the gift of experience, knowledge and wisdom gained in almost 60 years of working with people and living life to the fullest. Having relationships, children, hardships, multiple crises and wonderful new beginnings. Even as I hold the position of Crone now I study everyday, stay connected with my teachers in the flesh and also the Great Teachers from the Wisdom of the Ages, who left their legacy and who sustain en guide me.

In my personal life I reserve space for my own development and improvement of my knowledge and skills. Next to be a Yogini I study and practice Tarot maintain professional and related literature and remain a student in many areas of science and the fine arts. I write poetry and was able to publish both poetry and nonfiction.

For my recreation I spin, knit and weave, a way to connect with the ancestors, with nature and with the mystical, mysterious fabric of life itself. AHO

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