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The intention of this slide deck is to revisit our understanding of EQUITY and what it means for our teams, collaborations, initiatives, and organisations.


This exploration is for you and your team if:

  • you want to give space for understanding the deeper meaning of EQUITY within your team, collaboration, initiative, or organization
  • you have openness and interests in listening to each other’s opinions
  • you are doing this with the goal of designing more EQUITABLE practices within your team, collaboration, initiative, or organization


This slide deck contains exercises and reflection prompts to deepen the shared understanding around equity. My invitation is to explore this together with others.Allow others to witness you in what comes up in the reflection prompts and be honoured in witnessing someone else in their exploration.As this would require reflection and sharing, there might be feelings that get stirred and the request is to take it gently, compassionately and with care.


Pages: 50 slides


Slide Deck: Deepening our Shared Understanding of Equity

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