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Traditional approaches to strategy sessions often miss out on valuable voices in the room. There is a tendency for these sessions to be skewed towards those who can speak the loudest or for decisions to be made based on the perspectives of those who hold the power in the team.


The 6 Lenses Strategy is a powerful tool to design for change. When we intentionally use our sense-making, perception and empathy, we can

  • dream and envision what is possible
  • decide on strategies that are inclusive and equitable
  • come up with ways to restore relationships and connections
  • think of what can benefit future generations
  • harvest the gems and strengths from our past experiences, and
  • weave all these together in a comprehensive whole.


This  tool is about flexing our ability to look at issues, activities and social happenings around us using different lenses. This 6 Lenses Strategy can help us define what products, services or programs we can design and decide on what will be beneficial for all. It can help us to come up with strategies that will deliver change.


Pages: 11 pages


* I offer the facilitator's guides on different levels - some guides are free and others are offered for a small amount to sustain the upkeep of this platform. If in anyway, finances are getting in the way of you using these guides for your (community) work, please do connect with me. 

Designing for Change: Six Lenses Strategy

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