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It doesn’t seem so long time ago but yes, it has been 5 years now since I was put on the operating table to get a lump of cells that chose to multiply erratically. 5 years since I went from oblivious to life to now a constant seeker of my purpose and my presence.

What has changed for me in those 5 years?

A lot.

But mainly it was on how I connected with myself in ways and depth that I didn’t even knew, touched, explored, asked, affirmed. I learned to listen to my inner voice, to be firm in my full yes, to put boundaries to how I be in life and with life.

Five years ago I was not a believer of self-care, self-connection and self-fullness. Nor would those words past through my lips. Yet know my lexicon has changed to include energy, presence, check-ins, feelings, needs, requests and most importantly hearing me say “I”.

What changed also for me are the people I surround myself with. Precious individuals who give me space, hold me in their thoughts and share with me their intentions for life, love, business and happiness. People who are not merely friends but those that I consider as extension of our family. People who have us in their hearts in as much as we have them in ours. I am surrounded by changemakers, healers, movers, visionaries. People with deep sense of purpose and a deeper relationship with life. People who are life catchers, dreamweavers, action planners, go-getters. People whose presence are such a gift to me and to those whose lives they touch.

What has changed for me for the past 5 years?

I would say the most is acknowledging the goodness in life, the grace in the littlest of details, and the gratitude for each breathe, each smile, and each. passing day.

Photo taken before my lumpectomy to get rid of the “boo boo” in my body.



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