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Merging my love for deep learning, 
community weaving and healing  to promote deep personal, relational and systemic 
regenerative change.

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How about you, how are you serving the world with your presence?

My Wake Up Call

In May of 2014, at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The same illness that my mother succumbed to at the young age of 49. Going through treatments made me re-evaluate my life: how I embrace self-fullness, the connections I want to nurture, the legacy I want to live & the impact I want to stir in society.

What started as an inner exploration, turned to a powerful expression of my LIFE PURPOSE. 

Community Weaver    Speaker   
 Learning Experience Designer 

   Author        Change  Facilitator

  Educator          Action Planner   

System Transformation Catalyst

I guide founders, changemakers,
and impact driven organizations to action big picture visions, catalyze the potential within their communities and design learning experiences with transformational and lasting impact.

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